Setting Up CLion in Windows

Installing MinGW

Setting up CLion in Windows takes an extra step or two compared to installation on a Mac or in Linux. Windows does not have a compiler for C/C++ installed by default so we have to install one. CLion recommends using MinGW or Cygwin to provide this functionality. In testing this out, we found that MinGW is simpler to do.

  • You can find MinGW at this web site.
  • After a few seconds, the download should begin automatically. Run the installer when the download finishes. The default options presented are fine. Make note of the location that it is being installed to, because you will need that later. Once the installer is complete, you can install CLion itself.

Installing CLion

  • When installing the CLion on your own computer, we recommend using the JetBrains Toolbox. It allows you to easily manage the installation and updating of any JetBrains tools that you use. You just click on the install or update button next to the product you want and it installs/updates itself from there. The toolbox even keeps track of your projects and lets you launch the appropriate IDE for the project.

  • The first time you run CLion, you have some setup you have to do. Follow the instructions at the link, then return here for the remainder of the instructions.
  • One of the steps in the setup process will ask you about setting up your build toolchain. We installed MinGW earlier for this purpose. You will need to point CLion to the path were that was installed in order to be able to compile your projects. The dialog box you see will look something like what is shown below and the settings should match unless you changed the install path of MinGW or the version has changed since this screenshot was taken.

After you have completed this part you should be ready to go. If you have issues getting it set up and working visit 1140 TMCB for assistance.

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