CS Account Management

Before proceeding, please observe the following:
  • Use of CS department labs and accounts is subject to the Account Policies & Lab Rules
  • Accounts are only activated for current students, TA's, and RA's.
    • If you are registered for classes in an upcoming semester but that semester has not started yet, you will not be able to log in until it starts
  • Follow these instructions carefully before asking for help

Password Requirements

All CS account passwords must meet these requirements:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Include 3 of these 4 character groups:
    • Capital letters
    • Lower-case letters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters (including spaces)

For more information, refer to the Account Password Policy

Reset Your CS Account Password

  1. Navigate to https://accounts.cs.byu.edu/reset/ in your browser
  2. Enter your username in the space provided (same as your netID)
  3. Click on Reset Password
  4. A Token will be sent to the email associated with your account (this will be your personal email)
  5. Copy the token sent to you by accounts@cs.byu.edu
  6. Paste the token in the provided field
  7. Create a new password, which must meet the password requirements (listed above)
  8. A green box should appear letting you know that the password has been successfully reset!
  9. Questions or problems? Ask your TA's or contact the System Administrators

Set Your CS Account Password (new/returning accounts)

  1. Go to an account kiosk (near TMCB 1140 and 1119) or visit https://accounts.cs.byu.edu/ in your browser
    1. IMPORTANT: If you see a pop-up login request like the one on the right, click “Cancel” until it disappears (it usually takes two clicks). Logging into the pop-up will not work
    2. Once the page loads the main login page, proceed
  2. Log in with your CS credentials
    1. Username: your BYU Net ID
    2. Password: by default, your 9-digit BYU ID number
      1. If you have previously set a CS account password and can remember it, use it here
      2. Otherwise, use your 9-digit BYU ID number. For example, Cosmo Cougar would use “123456789”
      3. Neither of these working? Make sure there isn’t a space in the “username” or “password” field
      4. Still not working? Use one of the following methods. Either:
        1. Follow the steps above in the section titled “Reset Your CS Account Password”
        2. Bring your BYU ID card to TMCB 1140, or
        3. Submit a support ticket at https://support.cs.byu.edu (for verification purposes, include your Net ID, ID number, and birth date)
  3. Fill out the form to reset your password (as shown to the right)
    1. Current password: the password you just entered in Step 2
    2. OTP: leave this field blank
    3. New/verify password: your new password, which must meet the password requirements (listed above)
  4. Wait until the “Authenticating…” at the top of the screen disappears
    1. Once you see a screen that says “User Information”, then your account is working normally!
  5. Click your name in the top-right corner, then select “Logout”
  6. Questions or problems? Ask your TA's or contact the System Administrators

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