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This wiki is a collection of technical documents maintained by the system administrators. The goal is to make this site the primary place computer science students go to find information about department policies and resources, and general information on using Linux.



Policies and Getting Help: This section contains information on BYU CS Department computer usage policies and how to get assistance with CS Department computers.

Due to covid-19 we will not be doing any in person help. Please submit a ticket at, and include as many details as possible. Our hours are posted on are generally 8-5 M-F, but some days may have different hours.

Lab Policy Video

Listing of Docs: An index containing all documents on the wiki.

General: This section contains documents that pertain to our system in general, rather than any type of computer or program.

Linux: Linux-specific help and tutorials.

Programming Tools: This category contains information about programming tools that will help make you more efficient with your projects.

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